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Bush Camper campervan hire

Features:  � Manual transmission  �   � 4.5L 

Our 4WD Bushcamper vehicles are designed to accommodate up to two people in complete comfort. Experience the land that still refuses to be tamed. Together, you and Captain Billy 4WD Hire in your Toyota Hilux Bushcamper take on the terrain of Cape York and win, in the most memorable way possible.

Captain Billy's 4WD Hire information

Escape - into the spectacular Cape York region. ‘Last frontier’ of Australia that adventurers and lovers of the outdoors find hard to resist. Explore the bush camping opportunities; to camp in the bush is a huge draw card for many visitors to the Cape.

Captain Billy's Cape York 4WD Hire is located in Cairns. The friendly, knowledgeable team at Captain Billy’s Cape York 4WD Hire believe there is more to excellent customer service than just ‘meeting and greeting’ you as you sign paperwork before driving off on your “beyond and back” adventure. They know the region and can offer you plenty of good advice.

Your Toyota Diesel 4WD Land Cruiser or off road Kimberley Kamper provides comfortable access and accommodation to endless new opportunities in the Cape York Peninsula. This includes scenic touring, fishing, hiking, Aboriginal rock art, National Parks and the many creek crossings along the old Telegraph Track that are part of the adventure of any Cape York trip. With heavy duty suspension and tyres these are great vehicles for getting off-road and exploring the back-tracks of Cape York.

All vehicles are customised and fitted out to accommodate the daily requirements for traveling in this region.

The staff are keen to share their passion and knowledge of the Cape York area, including history and flora and fauna, and will ensure that you get to see and experience the best of everything in this fabulous region of Northern Australia.

Our staff are well known throughout the peninsula as the only 4WD operators who offer the best combination of vehicles and trailers.

We also offer a “one way” hire option. Some of our clients have chosen to travel one way to Bamaga then fly back or return by sea on-board the MV Trinity Bay. The vehicle is then returned to Cairns by by our staff for a relocation fee.

The staff are keen to share their passion and knowledge of the Cape York area, including history and flora and fauna, and will ensure that you get to see and experience the best of everything that this fabulous region of Northern Australia has to offer.

Captain Billy's 4WD Hire is a family owned and operated business that has specialised in the travel and tourism industry since 1983 and is dedicated to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Captain Billy's 4WD Hire Rental Terms

Important Information About Your Rentals

On arrival, you will be required to sign a rental agreement with the operators of Captain Billy's 4WD Hire. Here is a summary of the terms and conditions:

The following definitions apply for the Terms and Conditions for Captain Billy's 4WD Hire.
  • The Supplier means the operator of Captain Billy's 4WD Hire.
  • The Client is also referred to as the hirer (s) or renter (s).
Full balance of payment (including the deposit) will be collected at the time of confirmation if you have elected to process your booking in a currency different to AUD.

Deposits and Payments
A non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure your motorhome booking. The exact amount is detailed in the breakdown of pricing.
The remaining balance is due in full, 38 days before the commencement of hire (or upon confirmation for bookings made within 38 days of departure).
If the balance is not received 38 days prior, Captain Billy's 4WD Hire reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled.

Once a booking has been confirmed and a deposit paid the booking is considered live and is subject to the cancellation policy.
The initial deposit paid is non-refundable. In addition to forfeiting your deposit, the following charges also apply:
  23 - 32 days  ----  20% of total reservation cost
  13 - 22 days  ----  40% of total reservation cost
  4 - 12 days  ----  75% of total reservation cost
  3 days or No Show  ----  100% of total reservation cost.

No refunds for cancellations made after the travel or travel date has commenced.

It is recommended that hirers take out travel insurance which specifically covers cancellation fees; most claims arise from either personnel or close-family illness before departure resulting in cancellation charges. Please consult your own car or home insurance company (ensuring the policy covers you for “recreational use off road 4wd hire” and not just normal car hire)

All Inclusive Hire Charges
All hire charges include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and daily insurance and 2% Local State Tax. You have unlimited mileage. Freshly laundered linen, all cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery is supplied. There is a charge for a cell phone, child restraint and bike rack. The hirer and other authorised drivers must be 21 years of age or over and produce a valid full drivers licence. Special conditions apply to drivers aged 18 to 20 years. Australia recognises drivers licences issued by your own country, as well as International drivers licenses. If you are a member of an Automobile Association bring your membership card with you and gain additional privileges and information on travel throughout Queensland.

RACT Statewide
A 24-hour free call helpline is there should you require on-road assistance.

Maintenance And Repairs
You are authorised to effect minor repairs up to $100.00. This will be refunded upon presentation of a GST invoice. If major repairs are needed, protect yourself by getting us to authorise it first. Problems encountered with the vehicle or equipment must be reported to Captain Billy's 4WD Hire as soon as practicable. This gives Captain Billy's 4WD Hire the opportunity to rectify the problem within the rental period. Failure to do so will compromise any claim that may eventuate after the hire is finished. In all cases, the responsibility of Captain Billy's 4WD Hire is limited to refunding for the time that the vehicle was actually in repair. No alternative accommodation or food items will be paid for during down time. Malfunction of items such as but not limited to Radio/Cassette/CD players, Stove, Cooler box, Water pump, are not considered mechanical breakdowns and downtime will not be paid for these items. Retrospective claims will not be accepted.

Vehicle Security Deposit
Standard comprehensive insurance cover is included in the daily rental rate, a standard vehicle security deposit of AU$5000 applies.
On a collection of the vehicle, the Customer agrees to pay a Vehicle Security Deposit and authorises the owner to deduct from the Security deposit any amounts due by them to the owner arising out of the Agreement. The vehicle Security Deposit can be reduced and this is determined by which Excess Reduction Options is selected. 

Supplier offers the following option to reduce this excess:

Excess Reduction
Option 1 AU$45 per day (maximum charge of AU$800)
The excess is reduced to AU$2500, which is held as your security deposit. The AU$2500 is taken as an imprint of your credit card when the vehicle collected.

Option 2 AU$35 per day (maximum charge of AU$1400)
The excess is reduced to AU$1500, an imprint of your credit card is held to cover any charges liable under the contract.
*An additional excess of AU$1200 shall apply to single vehicle damage incidents or where details of a third party vehicle are not supplied and no police report is obtained.

With All Vehicles Full Cost of Liability Applies if:
    1. Any water related damage, which includes but is not limited to:
    2. Any vehicle submersion
    3. Contact with salt water
    4. Creek or river crossing
    5. Driving through low plain flooded areas
    6. Beach driving.

If the terms of the Rental Agreement are breached the hirer will be responsible for the total cost of any damage. This will also include any damage caused by willful misconduct (e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle) and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Exclusions to the excess reduction
    1. Personal belongings: We recommend the hirer does not leave valuables in the vehicle and that they take out personal insurance.
    2. The incorrect use of fuel (fuel being diesel or petrol). The hirer will be responsible for any associated cost.
    3. The cost to retrieve or recover a vehicle which has become bogged
    4. The cost to replace keys, which have become lost, or retrieval of keys, which have been locked in a vehicle.
    5. Overhead and underbody damage to the vehicle.
    6. Any damage arising from misjudgement of dimensions
    7. Driving on restricted roads.
    8. Any costs associated with breakdown or accident on unsealed roads.
    9. Damage to mechanical parts or the interior of the vehicle due to misuse or negligence.

Major Credit Cards accepted: Mastercard and Visa. Payments made by credit card will incur a surcharge of 2% for Visa or MasterCard.

Additional Terms and Conditions for 4wd Bush Camper
Insurance Exclusions:
All insurance will be void if any of the following “Exclusions” are breached:
• Damage caused where the terms of Rental Contract have been breached.
• Damage caused by negligence.
• Damage caused to the Vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water.
• Damage caused due to a single vehicle roll over.
• Damage caused to the Vehicle by the renter’s willful conduct.
• Damage caused to the Vehicle when using the Vehicle in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
• Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
• Damage caused due to the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
• Damage to the awning, overhead or underbody of the Vehicle.

Road Restrictions:
The vehicles can be driven on recognised unsealed roads but you will need permission from the depot manager to take the vehicles to Cape York. This permission is weather dependent on the current weather for the area and will only be given at the time the hire starts.
Vehicles are NOT permitted to travel to Cape York between the months of December to April (due to bad weather conditions).
Vehicles are NOT permitted to travel on the “Old Telegraph Track” (except to visit the Fruit Bat/Elliot/Twin waterfalls area). Please don’t confuse the “Old Telegraph Track” with the “Telegraph Road” which you are allowed to travel on. You are also allowed to travel on the Peninsula Development Road, the Telegraph Road, The Bamaga Road (also known in sections as the Southern and Northern Bypass road to the “Old Telegraph Track”).
The Bamaga Road will lead you to the very tip of Australia where you can catch ferries to the islands of the Torres Straits.
Please consult a good map provider for road names and details like the “Hema Map” company.

Hire period
Minimum is 7 days. Collect from 8 am onwards on your first day of hire and return no later than 5 pm on the last day. Late pickups are available on request. An after hours fee will apply. Days of hire are calculated on the number of actual calendar days you have the Captain Billy's 4WD Hire. Vehicles are restricted to Queensland. One way hires, pick/drop Cairns or Bamaga accrue a one-way fee of $1,150.00.

Accidents and Breakdowns
The liability of Captain Billy's 4WD Hire extends to either replacing your vehicle with a similar one or refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle.

Pets or livestock are not permitted in any Captain Billy's 4WD Hire.

What you need to know - your conditions of hire. Read this carefully.
Prices may be subject to change due to factors beyond the control of Captain Billy's 4WD Hire. Any changes in price affecting a client between the time of booking and payment received will be advised immediately. The company takes no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage or injury that a hirer might experience no matter how it is caused or by whom. The company's rental agreement is the sole contract for hiring the vehicle, between the company and the hirer and passenger(s). No refunds are payable on accommodation, Captain Billy's 4WD Hire not being available, where a hirer or passenger amends, cancels or seeks to vary agreements after departure. These conditions cannot be varied or altered or waived by any employee, agent or representative of the company or by anyone providing services or facilities. The company cannot be bound by any representative or statement unless it is confirmed in writing by the company's directors or management. Your travel agent will forward deposits and other payments to us on your behalf, but your travel agent is not our agent for the purpose of the receipt of monies. The company reserves the right to provide a comparably high standard vehicle where a booked vehicle becomes unavailable through servicing or reasons beyond their control. Disclaimer: all illustrations and text are representations only and slight variations may occur from time to time. Driving your Campervan in Australia. The speed limit on the open road is 100 kph (60 mph). In built-up areas, the limit is 50 kph (30 mph).

Driving fines
If you are fined or penalised for breaching any traffic laws, you are liable for the fine and/or associated administration costs.

Travel insurance
We strongly recommend that clients ensure they take out the highest level of travel insurance. In many cases, this will cover any losses incurred if you are forced to cancel your booking.

All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of hire and must be returned with a full tank at the end of your hire. Any costs or damage arising from incorrect or contaminated fuel being added to the fuel tank shall be at the hirer's expense.

Travel Information Pack
Included in every campervan is a Travel Information Pack - this includes details on camping grounds, maps, Austraila traffic rules, sightseeing brochures and general information.

Captain Billy's 4WD Hire Locations [Vehicle collection & return]
Pick up/drop off is Cairns


When is the best time to travel around Cape York?
The best time to visit Cape York is during the 'Dry Season’, which is between May - late September as the 'Wet Season' starts in November.

Is there an age restriction for hiring a 4WD from you?
All Drivers must be over 24 years of age and have a valid drivers licence.

What is the minimum hire period available?
5 days is the minimum 4WD hire period.

How long do you suggest we hire the 4WD to get the most out of our Cape York self-drive experience?
We suggest a minimum of 14 days. The trip to Cape York is approximately 2000km’s return.

Should I organise travel insurance for my self-drive tour?
We strongly suggest that you organise travel insurance to cover the loss of costs through cancellation, loss of personal belongings, baggage, money and medical expenses.

Will I be able to get cell phone coverage in the Cape York area?
Telstra Digital mobile telephones only operate in CDMA areas such as Cooktown, Laura, Coen, Weipa, Loyalty Beach and Thursday Island. We do have satellite phone’s available for hire that can be used for emergencies.

We are a family keen to explore the Australian outback, however, we would like to enjoy a more 'luxury' style of camping, what do you suggest?
Check out our awesome Cape York Kamper - designed to be towed through the Australian outback! The Cape York Kamper is best described as a blend of caravan and tent and is designed to be your comfortable home at the heart of your Australian off-road camping adventure.

Can I hire the vehicle for one-way travel?
Unfortunately, this option is not available as there are no depots in outback Cape York. The vehicle will need to be returned to Cairns.

Where do we collect our 4WD vehicle?
Our depot is located in Cairns, which is where the 4WD vehicle will need to be picked up from and returned to.

Is there anything that will not be covered under insurances on the vehicle?
You have a choice of insurance excess options that we can discuss with you. However damage to and/or replacement of windscreens, tyres, overhead, under-body and water are not covered by insurance and any damage will need to be paid for by the hirer.

Which credit card types do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Bankcard and Diners.
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