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4 Berth Shower and Toilet campervan hire

Features:  � Auto transmission  � 2019 Make   � 2.7 litre � Air Conditioning  

Our 2019 model automatic 4 Berth Shower and Toilet equipped motorhomes are easy to drive and packed with features. Suitable for up to 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children there are also 2 child restraint anchor points in the rear. The main double bed is located above the driver’s cabin, whilst the rear dinette converts to another double. Our motorhomes have a shower and toilet, sink, stove, microwave and fridge. All motorhomes have a solar panel which helps maintain charge to the house battery.

Leisure Rent information

Explore Tasmania your way by hiring a LeisureRent Campervan. With rental locations in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport your holiday adventure begins and ends wherever you choose. We’re one of the few State-wide campervan hire operators. Our current model rental campervans have all you’ll need for a cost-effective holiday allowing you to experience the beauty of Tasmania in reliability and comfort. With 24-hour roadside assistance for peace of mind and the benefits of driving a new automatic vehicle, coupled with ultra-competitive rates, why would you look anywhere else? Renting a campervan is perhaps the most efficient way to tour Tasmania. The benefits include; flexibility, economy, mobility and self-catering facilities.

Leisure Rent Rental Terms

RATES Rates are on a per calendar day basis; the day of pick up is counted as day one regardless of the pick-up time and the day of return is counted as the final day regardless of drop-off time. Minimum period – our rate is for a minimum of 5 days. However longer durations apply during the following periods:
December 26 – January 10 – 8 days
January 11 – February 28 – 7 days
March 26 – April 1 – 7 days Split season costings are applicable and rates are calculated at the daily rate for the season in which each rental day falls.
Rentals are available from Launceston Airport, Hobart Airport, Devonport Airport or the Devonport Ferry Terminal (Spirit Of Tasmania).
For rentals commencing at Hobart and finishing at Launceston or Devonport, a one-way fee of $70.00 will apply.
For rentals commencing at Launceston and finishing at Hobart or Devonport, a one-way fee of $70.00 will apply.
For rentals commencing at Devonport and finishing at Hobart or Launceston, a 0ne-way fee of $70 will apply. CANCELLATION FEES Where a reservation is cancelled, we reserve the right to apply the following cancellation fees:
  • 30+ days from start of rental – full refund of any deposit paid
  • 15-30 days from start of rental - $300
  • 14 days from start of rental – 100% of rental cost
  • On day rental was due to start, or “no-show” – 100% of rental cost
  • If vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever - no refund
(We reserve the right to refuse provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident – no refund of the unused days).

Unlimited kilometres.
Cover against vehicle loss/damage above the first $5,000; there’s a higher liability for loss/damage/accidents on unsealed roads, and for overhead damage on sealed or unsealed roads.
Crockery, cutlery. PAYMENT TERMS The remainder of the balance is due 35 days prior to the vehicle collection date and will be charged to the credit card used to make the reservation, a 2% credit card surcharge will be added when the payment is processed.

Please note: Bond amount should be collected 14 days prior to pick up date.
  OUR RATES DO NOT INCLUDE Liability for Damage Liability applies to all rentals as specified in the Rental Agreement. This means that regardless of fault, all damage up to the limit of the liability amount is the renter’s responsibil­ity. The liability amount will be charged to the client’s credit card. This includes any third-party property, tyre, windscreen or headlight damage and any other internal or external damage not attributable to fair wear and tear, such as returning the vehicle in an abnormally dirty condition. There’s a higher liability on unsealed roads and for overhead damage. Unsealed Roads: Regardless of fault, if there’s an accident, damage or loss on an unsealed road, the renter’s liability will be up to a maximum of $9,000.00. If they reduce their sealed road liability to $0, then a maximum liability of $9,000.00 will remain for loss/damage/accidents on unsealed roads.
Overhead Damage: Regardless of fault, the renter remains liable whether the overhead damage is incurred on a sealed, or an unsealed, road. Their liability for overhead damage or damage on unsealed roads remains, even if their sealed road liability has been reduced to $0.
Underbody damage and damage caused by water immersion are NOT covered by insurance and remain the renter’s responsibility.
The renter remains responsible for the cost of replacing lost vehicle keys and remote door opening devices or recovering keys locked in the vehicle (and additionally for any towage involved because of keys being lost or inaccessible); this is over and above the liability amount shown on the Rental Agreement. Liability Reduction Options Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): The renter has the option of paying an extra $30 per day, before their rental commences, to reduce the vehicle loss/damage liability from $5,000 to $2,500. The $2,500 liability amount will be charged to their credit card.
Maximum Protection Cover (MPC): The renter has the option of paying $45 per day, before their rental commences (capped at a maximum 14 days), to reduce the liability from $5,000 to $0.
Please note, none of the reduction options cover overhead damage (a horizontal line from the top of the front or rear windscreen to the top of the roof of the vehicle), under body damage, damage caused to the vehicle on an un-sealed road (maximum liability is $9,000.00), or water damage.
Fuel – Payment for fuel supplied at the start, and used during the rental, remains the renter’s responsibility.
LP Gas – A pre-hire gas refill charge of $30 is payable on collection of the vehicle. The renter is not required to re-fill prior to return.
Extra Driver Fee - $2 per day for each additional driver (in addition to the person appearing on the Rental Agreement as The Renter). Additional items available for hire. Baby seats/capsules/booster seats – Supplied at a charge of $15 each, per day (maximum $60 per rental).
Chairs/picnic tables – Supplied at a charge of $35 per rental.
GPS – supplied at a charge of $10 per day (maximum $60 per rental).
Linen for one couple – includes double doona and cover, bed sheet, blanket, 2 pillows and slips, 4 bath towels & 3 tea towels - $70 per rental.
Linen for additional people – includes sleeping bag, blanket, 1 pillow and slip, 2 bath towels - $38 per person.
Tent hire, a quick erect 2-person tent - $100 per rental. OTHER IMPORTANT CONDITIONS Age limits – Minimum 23 and maximum 80. Each jurisdiction legislates an age at which drivers must be tested yearly. For renters over 75 at the time of the rental, we need a Doctor’s Certificate certifying the renter is fit to drive.
Driving licence – Our vehicles may be driven only by renters who have held a current licence for at least 3 years.
Provisional Licences are not accepted.
All rentals are subject to the terms and conditions of our rental agreement. We reserve the right to refuse provision of a vehicle if we doubt that the renter will safely and properly use it.
We also reserve the right to refuse provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident – no refund of the unused days. OUR LOCATIONS Launceston Airport - 139 Evandale Road a 5-minute taxi ride from the Airport
Hobart Airport – Unit 2, 263 Kennedy Drive Cambridge a 10-minute taxi ride from the Airport
Devonport Airport – At the Airport Carpark
Spirit Of Tasmania Terminal Devonport – At the Terminal Carpark
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